Nicole has been a full time yoga teacher for more than over a decade and has taught yoga worldwide. She has trained with a number of worldwide renowned yoga teachers, of which the most inspiring was Sri Guru Dharma Mittra who enabled her to deepen her knowledge about the Marga Asthanga and Vinyasa Yoga. Nicole studied Anatomy and Physiology intensively and likes to incorporate aspects of yoga therapy into her Yoga classes. She has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and skill, and her style of presentation involves a unique combination of determination and humour. Nicole has been delivering Yoga Teacher training courses in Ireland and the UK for more than 14 years. For Nicole, it has always been a priority to make Yoga classes and Yoga teacher training courses accessible to all, with no limitation on age, shape or ability. She returned to Europe from sabbatical in Chennai, Tamil Nadu in India. While living there for over two years, she deepened her knowledge on Vedic Chanting and Yoga Therapy within the Krishnamacharya yoga mandiram. Living in India had a profound influence not only on the spiritual aspects of her life. In the moment she rediscovering her old roots and studying with Liz Koch.