Course Tutors

Enda Tweedy, E-RYT

Primary Course Tutor 

Enda Tweedy is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT). She has accumulated over 500 hours of yoga training to date.

Enda has a background in gymnastics and martial arts and teaches and practices advanced yoga asanas, incorporating different aspects of anatomy and physiology into her classes and teachings. She has taught yoga for special needs for a number of years. With her endless compassion and her gentle nature she always surprises her students with her strength and endurance.


Shelagh Sutton, MA, RYT

Course Facilitator , Course Tutor


Shelagh Sutton, MA is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance and a qualified prenatal yoga instructor. Shelagh has a Masters Degree in Arts from UCC and an honours Degree in Philosophy from NUI, Galway.

Shelagh holds a qualification in Business Management from ISEB and ran a successful company for ten years before turning to yoga. She has been involved in the set up of three different businesses and has a range of knowledge about establishing, running and promoting new businesses.

She has an interest in philosophy (both Eastern and Western, ancient and modern) and the mind-body connection. She and has attended workshops in Neuro Linguistic Programming and is interested in the relevance of the ancient yogic philosophies to modern life.

Shelagh runs the Cork Movement Centre and teaches Vinyasa and Prenatal yoga classes. She regularly conducts birth preparatory workshops to expectant couples.


Alan Llyons, MSc

Anatomy and Physiology Tutor

Alan Llyons MSc, is a Chartered Pediatric Physiotherapist who has spent his whole career to date working with children and young people with developmental disabilities, with a special interest in developmental orthopedics. Combined with his under- and post-graduate training, this provides him with a unique insight into both the developing and mature neuromusculoskeletal system.

Alan graduated with a BSc Physiotherapy Degree from University College Dublin in 2001 and with an MSc Physiotherapy Masters from University of Limerick in 2010 and is a regular Guest Lecturer to undergraduate Physiotherapy students in UL.

Alan works full-time for Enable Ireland Cork Children’s Services, and also in Blackpool Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic, a private practice owned by his wife Denise, also a physiotherapist. Alan also teaches weekly PhysioYoga classes from their practice.

Alan enjoys practicing Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga, as well as running, cycling travel, film and music. He has completed several marathons including Cork, Dublin, Belfast and Paris.


Sarah Fox (BSc hons, RYT200)

Tutor for Nutrition, Yoga Nidra/Meditation

Sarah Fox has a Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics for Health Care from Pearse College (Dublin). She has also completed modules in Anatomy and Physiology of the Body, Nutrition Principles, Metabolism and Nutrition Analysis at Honours Degree level, as a student of Herbal Science in Cork Institute of Technology. Sarah has undergone extensive training in Health Food Retailing, and holds certification recognised by the British National Association of Health Food Stores (NAHS) and the Irish Association of Health Food Stores (IAHS). She is a qualified Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) practitioner, and is currently completing Clinical Herbal Medicine Practitioner Training. Sarah has worked for many years in the field of Holistic Health combining Herbal Medicine, Whole Foods, Holistic Therapies and a dedicated Yoga practice. Sarah is a proud graduate of Yoga Diploma Teacher Training and has a strong interest in Nutrition as a healing art.


Guest Tutors:

Nicole Henkel, MA, E-RYT
Tutor - all subjects

Nicole has been a full time yoga teacher for more than over a decade and has taught yoga worldwide. She has trained with a number of worldwide renowned yoga teachers, of which the most inspiring was Sri Guru Dharma Mittra who enabled her to deepen her knowledge about the Marga Asthanga and Vinyasa Yoga. Nicole studied Anatomy and Physiology intensively and likes to incorporate aspects of yoga therapy into her Yoga classes. She has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and skill, and her style of presentation involves a unique combination of determination and humour. Nicole has been delivering Yoga Teacher training courses in Ireland and the UK for more than 8 years. For Nicole, it has always been a priority to make Yoga classes and Yoga teacher training courses accessible to all, with no limitation on age, shape or ability. She recently returned to Europe from sabbatical in Chennai, Tamil Nadu in India. While living there, she deepened her knowledge on Vedic Chanting and Yoga Therapy within the Krishnamacharya yoga mandiram. Living in India had a profound influence not only on the spiritual aspects of her life